For today’s color wheel, this romantic movie poster for Anna Karenina caught my eye. Originally serialized as The Russian Messenger, Tolystoy’s classic novel is a story of love and lust, hope and betrayal – which sounds to me, like all the emotions you go through when designing a room!

I envision a space swathed in dark blue-gray velvet (maybe a headboard, sofa or curtains), a soft touch of gray-green on the walls (the color of winter ice), accents in fuchsia (think rugs or pillows) for passion and drama, and of course drippings of muted gold accessories (think patinaed chandeliers and distressed picture frames).


Anna Karenina presented by Focus Films released in select USA theaters on November 16, 2012.

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One Response to “{color wheel} anna karenina”

  1. This is yummy! I love the colors in this wheel. Great eye!

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