Ahh the romance and mystery of a roaring fire, something I miss about home. The winters in England provide many memories of my father traipsing huge piles of logs through the house, a small trail of dust following him, and my mother trying to put out itinerant sparks that caught at the rug as we sat around the warming flames on a Sunday morning.

My dad was an expert at getting that fire going… one of his “tricks” was to use andirons (also known as fire dogs or dog-irons), placing the logs across the horizontal bars would keep them off the ground, allowing good air circulation and minimizing smoke.

As a nod to these ‘cool’ fire place accessories, here are 8 of my favorite dog-(and some cat-) inspired andirons (many of them antique)… after all what better way to enjoy a roaring fire than with your favorite four-legged friend.

dog and cat andirons

1. Cat’s Eyes, Sears, $75.00. 2. Top Dog, Cyan Design at Modern Furniture Warehouse, $727.50. 3. English ReserveEnglish Mid-19th Century, Epoca, $4,975.00. 4. Skinny Cat, c. 1970s, Showplace Antique + Design Center, $1,500.00. 5. Hot DogFrench 1950s, 1st dibs Paris, $2,034.00. 6. True Love, American c 1900, Judith and James Milne, $1,250.00. 7. Labradorable, Hy-C through Amazon, $108.99. 8. The Golden Hound, 1930’s, Hamptons Antique Galleries II LLC, $1,800.00.

Heres’s to staying warm and toasty this winter.



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