Cork first debuted in interiors in the early 1900s, when architect Frank Llyod Wright chose cork flooring for many of his home designs. No longer limited to walls and floors, this naturally green and environmentally friendly material is seeing a re-emergence in all manner of sustainable home accessories.

Cork Home Accessories

  • It is never too early to teach your children about the importance of sustainable design – CUB CHILDREN”S CHAIR by Daniel Michalik, Brooklyn, NY. Handmade from reclaimed waste material from the bottle-stopper industry using non-toxic binding agent. 17″ tall x 13″ wide x 13″ deep, $238.00, Branch Home.
  • Pin your own paper shades onto the PINHA hanging cork light fitting or use one of the tyvek® paper shades by London design studio Raw Edges for Portugese brand Materia.
  • Cork’s low thermal and electrical conductivity makes it the perfect material for this fun BONE APPETIT CORK TRIVET (set of 3), $30.00, Uncommon Goods.
  • Cork rubber finished with a hard wearing wax oil surrounds this simple mirror available in both round and elliptical options. CORK RUBBER MIRROR by Dare Studio, starting from $270.00.
  • Cork’s thermal insulating properties are put to good use with the WHISTLER CORK TEAPOT by Raquel Castro, $25.00, MOMA.
  • Come on, admit it, the TOAST IT COASTERS by Patricia Naves put a smile on your face. Cork is the perfect color and texture for this illusionary trick!, $10.00, MOMA.
  • Whether as side-tables or as stools, the three brothers of the CORK FAMILY designed by Jasper Morrison and made by Vitra, benefit from cork’s strength, lightness and cushioned surface, $445.00 each at Hive Modern.
  • I know these have been around for a while now, but I couldn’t resist including the PENNY ROUND TILES by Habitus NY. With new water resistant sealants, these modern interpretations of vintage penny rounds can now be used in bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms. For a peek at Habitus’ wide range of cork floor and wall coverings check out the images below.
  • A coated steel base brings a modern, streamlined design to the recycled cork top (also available in recycled rubber) of the TAG TABLE (coffee height) by Los Angeles-based Arktura design. With an emphasis on sustainable manufacturing process and materials, this company’s products are something worth celebrating – just don’t forget to recycle that cork!.  48″L x 20’W x 15″H, POR, Arktura.

And now back to some inspiration from Habitus NY …


Cork Mosaic tile available in 1″ and 1-3/8″ diameter and multiple colors.

cork wall covering habitus ny

Fiore & Minore wall coverings available in a series of natural stains and fabric backed with metallic (such as gold leaf) or 100% cotton.

Have you used cork in your home? What do you love about it?



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  1. Thanks for the mention, Helena. Here at Branch we’re big fans of cork, which is an amazing natural resource. We love seeing all the ways designers are putting it to use, and helping provide a market for these products. -paul

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