We have spent the last couple of Fridays looking at some simple yet stylish ways to arrange the pillows on your King bed – what I like to call the Rack’em and Stack’em arrangements. This Friday we continue the series by looking at quickest ways to get a “magazine ready” Queen bed. Let’s start with a diagram of the Stack’em arrangement and then look at some examples.
Stack’em Option One: Simply stack your sleeping pillow with either a second sleeping pillow or a Queen Sham on top. A Sham is basically a sleep pillow with an equal sized decorative border or flange around all 4 sides.

Stack’em Option Two: Lean a decorative pillow or two in front of your 2 stacked pillows just to neaten the front edge of the arrangement. Anything works here Euro’s, bolsters or lumbars. Using the same color and/or pattern as the coverlet or duvet will tie the look together.
Stack’em Option Three: This option starts with the design elements of the first two options then adds a third layer of 2 Euro’s at the back of the bed. This works particularly well when you want to give the impression of a headboard where none exists. On an all white bed like below, consider repeating the fabric in the front and back layers. Here an extra, solid pillow is thrown in for good measure. Note: that only one extra pillow is brought in, drawing your eye to the center of the bed.

All of the “Stack’em” options offer a simple solution to styling your bed, they even keep your sleeping pillows on the bed – how easy is that? But, many people like to remove their “crumpled” sleeping pillows during the day, or at least hide them behind upright decorative pillows. If your design desires lean in this direction, consider the “Rack’em” Approach to arranging pillows on your Queen Bed.

Rack’em Arrangement: In this arrangement all three layers are used at once – racked from back to front of the bed in a triangular formation. Let’s look at a couple of examples…
It is a little difficult to tell from these photos, but in each case I think the “offending” sleep pillows are tucked in there behind the decorative Queen Shams in Layer Two. As the diagram shows they could also be hidden behind the Euro Shams in Layer One or taken off the bed altogether. In a three layer rack ’em arrangement, I would suggest matching the fabric/color of the middle layer (decorative queen sham) with your coverlet of duvet.

Want more advice on using accent pillows in your home (for chairs and sofas) – check out our post on how to decorate with throw pillows with personality for more pinnable designer cheat sheets!

Styling Tricks: Before we go, a quick additional tip – to get that fluffed up look – consider buying inserts that are 2 to 4″ larger than your Sham cover dimensions. With a little prodding and pushing you will get that insert safely inside, and the tailored look you see in these images.

Okay, I am pretty sure I don’t need to mention this – but next Friday we will wrap up the Pillow Story with a look at how to style your Twin beds, perfect for guest rooms or kid’s spaces.


Photo Credits: images via House & Home and Houzz (sorry I did not keep a detailed track of the individual sources, but if you need details drop me a line and I will try to retrace my steps).

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4 Responses to “{how to arrange pillows on a queen bed}”

  1. Hi,
    I have been looking for unique bedding for a long time! I would love to find out what the 2nd picture down is (pillow arrangement page) particularly the yellow and brown retro spotted cover. I live in Australia, if you could also give me details of supplier that would be wonderful!
    Thanks & Regards

  2. Great info! On a Queen bed, are 3 Euro Shams/pillows one too many for the layer one Rack’em arrangement?
    –Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Lisa, A Queen bed is typically 60″ wide and a Euro sham 26″ so you would typically not have room for 3 euro shams in a row without the outer one’s deciding to tip off the bed at annoying times! Now of course, if you really want 3 in a row you could just overlap them slightly to get them to fit. Whatever looks good and works for your functional needs is the way you should go. Knowing the “rules” allows you to know when to break them. Hope that helps.

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