Bored of white ceilings? Why not add some color to your fifth wall

White really is the norm when it comes to ceilings. In fact I am not sure, other than a couple of small bathrooms, I have ever been brave enough to add color to what is often referred to as the fifth wall.  But this round up of colorful self-expression might just change my mind. Will it change yours?

Let’s look at all the possibilities…

White is Right: Playing it safe is never wrong – traditional white or off-white ceilings look great with neutral or light colored rooms. Darryl Carter is the master at this look, one of his favorite whites? Benjamin Moore  – Moonlight White.

white ceiling white room darryl carter

White is Always Right – Darryl Carter Design

One Color Fits All: In small bathroom’s with no windows I often paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to avoid making the ceiling a focal point (reminding me that this is a small space!). This trick also works well in room’s with angled or arched ceilings where it quickly becomes difficult to decide what should be painted the wall color and what not. Getting that combination wrong can make an awkward architectural feature stick out like a sore thumb.

source: Goforth Gill ArchitectsM

Image: Goforth Gill Architects

If you are brave enough I love the way this rich blue looks on both ceiling and walls. Balanced against a dark floor this room works because it has plenty of natural light and white furnishings.

One Color Fits All via Desire to Inspire

Bold & Beautiful via Desire to Inspire

In this space with traditional molding, painting the trim the same color as the walls and ceiling gives the room a fresh, unified look.

trim ceiling  wall color same

Image via Better Homes & Gardens

Dark Skies Above: Add drama by painting your ceiling a darker color than your walls. In a room with high ceilings this will help visually lower the ceiling, whilst adding a warm, cozy feel. In a modern space, a dark ceiling can actually become the focal point, emphasizing the clean lines of the architecture. Choose your ceiling color based on a accent color to help tie the scheme together, here the purple of the artwork was the inspiration. I am in love with this room!

purple ceiling modern kitchen

Design by Sara Story Design

Starry Nights: Silver and gold leaf have been a popular ceiling choice in recent years helping to add sparkle and reflected light to typically darker spaces – think libraries, dining rooms and hallways. Adding an eye catching chandelier will increase the drama and throw a soft flattering light across the space when lit.

silver leaf ceiling

 1960s Townhouse Library via House Beautiful

antique silver leaf traditional home magazine

Designer Kara Mann Lake Forest Estate

Traditional Trim: If you have a room with traditional elements – beamed ceilings, chair rails, crown and / or baseboard moulding consider contrasting the trim with the wall and ceiling color. With wood beams paint the ceiling white.

ceiling beams-lonny mag-november 2012

Image Sag Harbor Sanctuary via Lonny Magazine

With white trim paint the walls and ceiling the same color.

tobi fairley

Design by Tobi Fairley – Build for the Cure

Paint Finish Tip: If the ceiling is blemish free, I like to use eggshell paint for better light reflection. But, if your ceilings are not in good condition select flat paint, it will hide imperfections better.

Do you plan to look up to color?

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