A Quick Reference Guide to Area Rug Sizes with Twin Beds

Part 4 of our quick reference guide to area rug sizes takes us back to the bedroom to look at possible rug dimensions for rooms with Twin beds.

When I think about twin beds – two designs come to mind, a child’s bedroom with a single twin bed or a guest bedroom with double twin beds. We will return to guest bedrooms in a couple of weeks, but today let’s look at the options for a typical children’s room. As always the best option will be based on the size of your room and your budget. My tips for selecting the right sized rug:

  • Where you have a twin bed centered in the room, all you need to decide is whether to go ‘all on’ (9 x 6 foot) or ‘nightstands off’ (8 x 5 foot). To ensure the room feels balanced you usually want to have 12 – 18 inches of rug either side of the bed so your first steps in the morning are onto a soft surface. This extension beyond the bed also means the rug you just spent good money on will not be completely covered by the bed.
  • To save money you could choose two floating 2 x 3 foot rugs either side of the bed – but unless you have a way to secure these to the floor you may just have created a sliding and/or tripping hazard for your active kid!
  • In smaller kid’s bedrooms, a typical layout is to push the bed up against a wall since there is only one bed occupant and one nightside required. In this case I think it works best to snug the rug up against the corner and adjacent walls and place both the bed and the bedside table on the rug. A 6 x 9 foot rug will a achieve this balance perfectly.

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