A Quick Reference Guide to Area Rug Sizes in Bedrooms with King Beds

Over the last two years a lot of people have emailed asking about the best rug size for their room, and since buying a rug is often a significant investment and a wrong choice can make or break your design scheme I thought I would share my responses in the form of a series of “quick reference graphics”.

The plan is to start in the Bedroom looking at rooms with King, Queen and Twin beds. Once I have shared the numbers with you, I will consider the other aspects that go into selecting the right rug for your room (material, pattern, function) in one of my S-A-S-S-Y design posts. Then if you like we can work our way out of the bedroom and into other rooms of the house.

So let’s begin with bedrooms that have King Beds.

Not the rug size you are trying to solve? Need help with your QueenDouble or Twin bedroom?

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