The faded patina of the 1860s zinc-lined copper tub in designer Penelope Bianchi’s master bath in Santa Barbara, California shines with Victorian charm.


Design by: Penelope Bianchi of McCormick Interiors

But, whilst this feature tub could have given the bath a cold Victorian feel, the room’s design luxuries make this an inviting space:

  • curtain call: sheers on the lower windows let in dappled light while maintaining privacy
  • toasty towels: a must in colder European climes, heated towel rails are now becoming standard Stateside.
  • tub-side table: a small piece of practical real estate that keeps things within reach when bathing

Extra credit: Bianchi hung a vintage Chinese birdcage from the ceiling – the patina and “Empire” feel of this item speak perfectly  to the Victorian vibe. A larger vintage piece or maybe a cluster would also work for me.

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